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Data Story: Smoke Free Living

Smoke from tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars causes many health problems for the people exposed to it in the state. The Community Transformation Grant aids communities to work with current tobacco control partners to reduce the number of people exposed to tobacco smoke, including both smokers who are seeking to quit, as well as those exposed to second-hand smoke. These initiatives include initiatives to create smoke-free multi-family housing, produce targeted and effective media campaigns, and educate youth about the harms of tobacco use. This data story explores data about smoking and the location of affordable housing in the state.

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The colors on this map show the percent of adult smokers in each community. The darkest gray represents the highest percentages of adult smokers. We see from the map that the inner core (within I-95) has higher levels of adults who smoke (about 15-25%) compared to suburbs of Boston outside I-95. Lowell has the highest prevalence of adult smoking in the region (25.9%). As a new Mass in Motion community, Lowell is funded by the Community Transformation Grant to focus on tobacco-free living. Find the smoking prevalence for your community. How does it compare with others in the region? The next visualization explores the relationship between the smoking prevalence and multifamily housing, a type of residential development often linked with exposure to secondhand smoke.
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