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Malden became a Mass in Motion community in 2012. Prior to the Mass in Motion grant, the Malden Board of Health has partnered with the YWCA on the Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program grant for 3 years under a similar model of Host Agency and Program Coordination.  Once again, the Malden Board of Health will partner with the YWCA to administer the Mass in Motion grant due to their shared commitment to improve Malden’s healthy eating and active lifestyle education.

Malden Is Moving!

City of Malden Board of Health

City of Malden Board of Health Clinic


Healthy Dining Program

Restaurants are a vital part of many communities’ economic bases and draw visitors from around the Metro Boston region. Local restaurants rather than chain establishments dominate the market in these municipalities. Partnering with local restaurants to offer healthier options in a healthy dining program will improve nutrition for residents and visitors. The goal of this initiative, by September 29, 2014, is to increase the number of full service restaurants in Malden that offer and promote healthier dining options (including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lower sodium/no salt added meals, smaller portions) through an established healthy dining program. This strategy will improve residents’ access to healthy, affordable fresh fruits and vegetables, increasing the number of people who consume the recommended amount of produce each day. Healthy Dining Malden’s goal is to help the consumer make healthier dining choices and reward restaurant for creating healthier options.


Malden is Moving has six Healthy Dining Establishments:

Abiata Café & Market

All Seasons Table

Cornucopia Foods

Dockside Restaurant (both Malden locations)

Pisa Pizza

Walking Routes to the Mystic River

The goal of this initiative is to identify potential walking routes that would connect neighborhoods with the lower Mystic River and its tributaries to create new opportunities for the community to access and enjoy the Mystic River. The new walking routes provide additional opportunities for residents to engage in physical activity. Malden will work to establish walking routes to the Mystic River and biking routes to the coast.


In 2012, Malden is Moving opened the first Malden River Route, which is a 2.3 mile walking route using existing sidewalks and infrastructure.

Increasing the Number of Schools with an Active Safe Routes to School Program

Safe routes to School programs promote healthy alternative ways for children to get to and from school. Implementation of a safe routes to school program provides more opportunities for children to walk and cycle more to improve their physical health. The goal of this initiative, by September 29, 2014, is to increase the number of schools in Malden with an active safe routes to school program. Malden has all five K-8 schools enrolled in the state Safe Routes to School program.

Increase Awareness of Healthy Zoning Regulations

Malden will increase awareness of healthy zoning regulations that are legally sound, beneficial to the business community and limit the density of fast food and other outlets featuring high calorie, high sodium, and low nutrition food via zoning that regulates the number of fast food outlets in a given area.